Project Navi
Project Navi is an innovative indoor navigation system that aims to provide seamless navigation within buildings. Currently in its beta version, the app offers navigation specifically for the first floor of the Instructions Building at Lethbridge College.
The mobile app showcases my expertise in Unity and C#, as well as my ability to develop custom pathfinding algorithms tailored for indoor environments.
Through this project, I have been able to combine my passion for game development and problem-solving skills to create an intuitive and efficient indoor navigation experience. The app offers users a user-friendly interface, allowing them to easily navigate the first floor of the Instructions Building.
On this portfolio page, you will find a video demonstration and photos showcasing the beta version of the mobile app. These visuals provide a glimpse into the user interface and functionality of the navigation system.
As an ongoing project, I am currently expanding the coverage to include the entire Lethbridge College campus. Additionally, I am actively working on improving the pathfinding algorithm to ensure more accurate and optimized routes. Moreover, I am focusing on enhancing the overall user experience by refining the UI/UX of the app.
Stay tuned for future updates as I continue to make advancements in the pathfinding algorithm and UI/UX design.
For those interested in exploring the beta version of the app, a download link for the APK is provided, allowing users to experience firsthand the functionality and convenience of the indoor navigation system.
By presenting "Project Navi" on my portfolio, I aim to demonstrate my expertise in Unity, C#, algorithm design, and my dedication to creating intuitive and user-centric experiences for indoor navigation.
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